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Emphasis: Forward.Reverse

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Beats, beats, beats, are what we all need and with Milwaukee–based Emphasis' new album Forward.Reverse there is definitely no shortage. "Play, listen, and repeat" — the motto of this one man band who sometimes sounds like your parents old make–out music — which isn’t too far off, as he's told me that a lot of his samples are from the basements of his friends’ parents — that and second-hand stores; wherever he may find them.

The album’s opening track “Your House” sounds like drifting in and out of an episode of Cops all while floating on a set of Da Vinci wings in your sleep. “Pleasant Day Jazz” hints at remnants of Polkadots and Moonbeams while spilling into the next track “Movement” — we know this cat digs jazz. The album moves with out–takes from movies and T.V. and leaves the listener wondering if this the invention of a mad man reaching for something new under his rock in Milwaukee.

Bounce Babe : 1'20 : 2.4MB

Cheer for Losers : 2'56 : 5.3MB

Pleasant Day Jazz: 4'41 : 8.5MB